Client/Artist Disclaimer

Before you scroll down to the service pricing and descriptions, please understand that anyone considering hiring me MUST appreciate the value and worth of their image, and see the value in bringing me on board for my skills and expertise. In short, I am definitely NOT for everyone, neither are my prices, nor is my personality, and that is OKAY! I am all about good chemistry between client/artist and I prefer to enjoy the projects and clients that I work on. I am just as selective about who and what I book, as you should be about which artist, stylist, or photographer you hire.  Candidly speaking (which obviously happens often), I have never had a website or business cards up until this point, or used promotional material because I have never needed it.  My work came by underground recommendations from clients who saw me as their top secret weapon for all things glam and beauty.  Unfortunately, if one wants builds a global brand then those things are required, so herewe are!


Trust is key in any working relationship. Visionaries are welcome - Control Freaks are not. I love when my clients bring ideas and vision for collaboration on a look to make it their own, or when they trust me enough to help create one for them. Keep in mind that if you have specifics on things like hair, brows, lips, etc. then I want to know so I can help you feel the most secure in your look. I don’t want you to just enter the room, I want you to blow the damn walls off that room.  If you are the “never satisfied” or “no one does it as good as I do” type, then we are probably not the ideal pair. Trust me, I totally get it!  I wouldn’t take myself as a client- I’m the worst. If you are extremely rigid about your look and how to get it OR are very skilled at doing your own hair/makeup, then you should probably do it yourself and save the time and stress of all involved.  All that being said, if I haven't scared you off or if you haven't weeded yourself out, scroll down!

***NOTE: all rates listed below are priced for services provided in Dallas,TX. Add $200 per service when in L.A. or $300 per service when in NY.  clients will only be booked when the artist is already in those states.   Rates on work booked internationally can be inquired at: