Beauty Dish: a type of flash commonly used in the photography of cosmetic ads. 

I took a lead from my history of doing hair and makeup styling for beauty shoots, and the idea that I wanted to dish out all my tips and tricks for creating modern, livable beauty and VOILA! Beauty Dish Studios was formed.  My studio consists of you, as my canvas, lights, mirrors, my toys, and our vision.  It is housed in a photo studio, in the design district, that hosts some of the industry's top photographers.  It's a creative hub where all the magic happens.  Think of it as you coming to visit me on set to have your makeup done, hair styled, extensions, personal makeup lessons, technical workshops, and more!



"Beauty Dish Studios is about dishing out all the tips and tricks to create the kind of beauty you can live in" - Rey Medrano , Founder and Celebrity Artist

           I am an artist, first and foremost, but I prefer to consider myself a beauty expert. My versatility and experience in these realms has enabled me to bring you the kind of beauty you can live in, not the crazy impractical crap. For me, it's about creating a beauty that is your own and brings out your best, most confident you! Something you can live in, love in, and feel good doing it!


Meet The Man Behind The Brushes

Rey Medrano has been a Television, Film, and Media hair & makeup artist since 2003. He has been considered a top secret weapon of those needing to look great on camera or on the red carpet. His career has seen him creating looks from the sets of Hollywood to the sands of Miami. 

In his own words: " I have had the luxury of working on some incredible jobs with incredible people, but at the end of the day I am only as good as the project in front of me. I'd rather spend time talking about what we could be doing for you instead of stroking my own ego. " 

- Rey

All hair and makeup on this site was done by Rey Medrano unless credited otherwise.

Photo (above) by Kelly Williams at KellyWilliamsPhotography